Meet Lisa Eve

professional-pics2.jpgAuthor  and screenwriter, Lisa Eve resides in Jacksonville, Florida where she completed her studies at the University of North Florida. Prior to becoming a novelist, she served as a correspondent for the Florida Times-Union and free-lance public relations consultant.  Her inspiration for writing comes from her love of reading books by authors such as:  Carolyn Keene, Nicholas Sparks, John Grisham, Dean Koontz, V.C. Andrews and many more.  Of anything she will ever create, her two amazing daughter’s are her best work yet. Her eldest is a graduate of Florida State University  (Go Noles!)  and is now completing her MFA studies at Wisconsin University and her youngest, an A-B honor roll junior, attends Sandalwood High.
Having added screenwriting to her repertoire, Lisa Eve is finally realizing her dream as her episodic TV drama, titled Replica,* is slated for production Summer 2017.  After the completion of Replica’s production,  Lisa Eve will focus her attention to  either directing or optioning her feature film titled “Sins of a Father,” based on her first novel, Unforgiven,  Her second novel, Innate Sacrifices,  is expected to be published Summer 2017, and subsequently Perpetual Seasons, expected to be published spring 2018.

*To learn more about Replica:

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